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Custom Ordering

Real Bassin strives to make the lure ordering process easy on the customer. If you would like to submit a custom bait order, we are more than happy to provide you the topmost quality baits. Real Bassin has the ability to choose from practically any color combinations your fishing heart desires! We can make custom laminated baits on every style of bait we offer with the exception of a few. For example, if your favorite soft plastic color is not made any more, we are able to recreate it with higher quality. So come join us in this fun and creative journey of creating quality custom baits for our customers! The possibilities are endless! All custom orders must have a minimum 25 baits per color. Once you take the time to fill out our custom bait template, we will email you a quote. Once you have approved your quote, we will then have you handle the payment.

Please list all custom baits you want to purchase in this format.
Style (Stick, Swimmer, etc..) , Color (Top/Bottom,or solid) scent(Yes or No) , salt(Yes or No), quanitity of baits (Example, 25 count)
Here is an example of a custom bait format.


Stick Bait, Top color: Green Pumpkin , Bottom color: Blue, Yes Scent, No Salt, 75 count bag

Beaver, Solid black with purple flake, No Scent, Yes salt, 25 count bag

Custom Bait Order

Thanks for submitting! We will send you an email quote to view and pay!

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