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Man Fishing

Real Bassin LLC 
est. 2017


Real Bassin Baits LLC is a custom soft plastic lure company. My name is Cohen and I run this business with my fiancé Brigette. We make custom fishing lures that are unique and catch fish. Enjoy custom colors and have the ability to create any color pattern your heart desires! We make a variety of fishing lures for bass and crappie. Stick Baits, Straight Shots, French Fry Daddy, Craws, Beavers, Beaver bugs, Ribbon Worms, Thick Sticks, Speed Worms,Crappie Baits, and many more!  Contact us today for any help you might need, and we can assist you.  100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues with your products, we will 100% make it right for you. 

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