Pro Staff Program

      At Real Bassin our  Pro Staff Program is a vital part to our success. We are so very grateful for all of our members. We are always looking to grow our community even more! 

      Being a Real Bassin Pro Staff member you are a valuable asset to our business. You support us and in return we support you. We like to say that we have a very good relationship with all of our members. We treat all of our members with loyalty. The reward system we use at Real Bassin goes both ways. If you help us out, we do the same in return. Going more into detail about our Pro Staff program, it is solely based on promotion, testing, advertising, and rewarding. The role you have in this position starts with promoting and advertising for our brand. We ask that you tell everybody about us. We ask that you use our apparel and baits to show off the brand. When you are using our products we ask that you be  honest with the quality of our product and give us feedback as to what we can do better. The rewards you receive are based on how well you promote our company. As of 2019, we have a small community of  guys who support one another. We all have a passion for the sport and grow as a whole everyday. We thrive to grow Real Bassin to all of the world.