Backstory behind Real Bassin

     Let me start with my name, my name is Cohen. I am currently 19 years old. All my life I’ve had a passion for fishing. I always want to be on the water doing what I love. As of 2010 I had got started into bass fishing. I have always loved the competitive lust and challenge of hooking into a bass. I currently fish local bass tournaments in my area. I would place very high in these tournaments using some of the more well known soft plastics. I would fish with Gary Yamamoto senkos and go through them like crazy. I have always been a person who can overcome all my problems. This got me thinking, could I make a more durable soft plastic? Chances are probably not, but I can compete with it and make a durable formula. With a lot of research I  started the company Real Bassin in March of 2017. It took me a little time to scratch up the initial investment but money has never prevented me from doing something I had a passion for. We’ve inclined in growth over the past year and a half and our sales are peaking higher than ever. My girlfriend and I run the business and are trying to compete with  other companies to prove that our product is high quality.  Our biggest mission is to grow Real  Bassin into the fishing community. We want Real Bassin to be known for having a durable and affordable product that straight up catches fish. At Real Bassin we have developed  tournament grade soft plastics. We’ve worked hard to bring the public the quality baits they deserve. We want the people on our Pro Staff Team to promote Real Bassin within the community and to let everyone know about us and what we are trying to do!